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The BEST way to avoid getting lost is knowing where you are going and mapping it out! This is why I developed this course. When I started out flipping I got lost many times!

My course will you give you all the tools you need to find, finance, fix and flip duplexes to 100+ unit complexes … and help you avoid getting lost!

You will learn how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made and grow your business. It’s truly life changing when you get that first check!

Until now, I’ve only taught this information in costly in-person workshops and one-on-one consulting, but now you can purchase all my secrets and systems so you that you can make your fortune flipping apartments for profit.

This course will help YOU be SUCCESSFUL!!!
Learn from my mistakes and avoid the pitfalls!
"Nathan absolutely killed it!" 
- Brian Meara, PA

“I was immediately impressed with his teachings and hired him as a coach and consultant. He was worth so much more than what I paid and I am grateful to him. In a short amount of time I utilized the principles and foundation laid out by hand. I went from not actively doing real estate to closing on my first deal. Thank You Nathan!” 
- Uilani Smith, WA

“I had the pleasure of attending a Real Estate Investing workshop that Nathan was the key speaker. It was truly one of the most informative and fun workshops I have been to. Nathan has a way of breaking down the material so that everyone can understand and follow, I also like that he genuinely shares his information to help others be successful in their investing journey. I highly recommend Nathan.” 
- Jeff Grenier, IL

“Nathan Tabor's presentation on multi-family fix and flip was outstanding. It takes the everyday fix and flip (if there is one) to the grander scale. How he can take a vacant property to a performing cash flowing asset, and then sell it is just amazing. I am looking forward to learning more from this man of God who is truly a Go-Giver.” 
- Brian Tracy, IL
“Nathan Tabor is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge!” 
- Josephine Sidhu, PA

“Very informative & organized presentation. I've been to seminars that drag on & get repetitive but Nathan's presentation is concise & on point. He has a fun delivery that never leaves you bored or looking at the time. His information is specific & applicable, not useless generalities. Well worth the time and money.” 
- Jaye Martin, NC

“I had the opportunity to listen to Nathan lecture on Multi-Family Fix & Flipping strategies at a workshop in Chicago. He opened the door to many more possibilities than I knew existed in the world of real estate investing. Until then, I never knew what Cap Rate meant and how useful it was to determine a potential deal. He is certainly a great mentor and a role model for other budding investors like myself.” 
- Joe Attanaseo, IL

“I had the up-most pleasure of hearing Nathan speak on Real Estate Investment and success. His presentation, information and inspiration was game- changing. What I respect and admire about him most is the combination of his knowledge and passion for helping and serving others.” 
- Daniel Kwak, IL
Let me teach you How to Fix & Flip Multi-Family Properties
If you've never flipped property or if you're a seasoned house flipper, I'm confident that my course - Fix & Flip Apartments for Profit™ 
will change your life. When it comes to flipping real estate, you have to invest some time, money and effort to receive a profit. 
In my course, I show you step by step how to find the right property, find money to finance it and how to fix & flip it for a profit. FAST!

If you're going to raise $50k or $2 million for a real estate investment, don't you want to give yourself the best chance to win? 

Flipping Apartments will give you: More Flexibility, More Profit with Less Risk.
The Course Includes:
Why Apartments over Single Family?
Investing in apartments can make you money. Whether you plan to hold or flip, you can make money if you do it right. The model is simple. The worse the deal the greater the potential and risk.
Figuring the Cap Rate

Capitalization Rate establishes value, it’s easy to interpret and it streamlines information. When purchasing or selling a property keep this in mind: the lower the cap rate the higher the price and vice versa
Finding your Niche

Stating you simply want to invest in real estate or flip apartments is too broad. Going through this chapter will help an investor narrow down their focus and develop a niche. 
Business Planning
This single document is your greatest asset in securing an investor or bank financing. Someone should be able to take your business plan and be able to know exactly what you want to do in about 10 minutes.
9 Laws of Fixing & Flipping
We will look at and discuss 9 laws of fixing and flipping that are critical to your success. Implement these and succeed. Ignore one and you will fail at some point. 
Finding the Right Deal
Once you know your niche you can then pitch it to others. This chapter will explore how to develop relationships and connections to finding the right deal.  
Weighing the Risk Factor

Before getting into Fix & Flip Apartments please make sure you taken a moment to weigh all the factors. Examine the pros and cons.  
How to do a Deal without Money
We will explore several ways someone can become involved in the apartment flipping business if they don’t have money or can’t raise money.   
7 Signs a Complex is in Trouble 

Sign #1 - The grass isn’t being mowed, the bushes aren’t being trimmed, the exterior doors aren’t being painted. In general, the small things around the complex haven’t been kept up.
What a Bank Expects
The minor details are what normally trips you up in life and business. Like fine print in a contract or forgetting to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home. Getting a deal financed is no different.  
Working with a Partner
At times, it is necessary to work with a partner. They can help you find properties, raise funds or secure financing, but no matter the situation if you must clearly define the terms and expectations of your partners in writing.   
How to Date an Investor
A person with passion is hard to stop, especially if they have a plan. However, too many times a person with passion doesn’t know when to stop talking. Learn exactly when to stop talking and close the deal.
How to Create an Investor Packet
An investor packet that is done right will help you with your bank and investors. One of the biggest things you will do is differentiate yourself from others.
How to Reclaim your Down Payment
There is a way to position the deal where you can get most if not all your down payment back. But you must do it the right and ethical way. 
How to Protect your Materials

Materials will "grow legs and walk off" if you aren’t careful. Workers will use them to complete their home renovations, on another jobsite or even returned for a gift card.
How to do Due Diligence 
Due diligence will make you or break you! This is your time to identify all the issues and problems with the property and determine what it will take to fix them.
How to Submit an Offer
If you are trying to “steal” a property or even be considered as a legitimate investor your offer is your first impression. It must be strong.  
How to Hire a Contractor
Hiring a contractor or project manager is a good idea unless you can be on the job site every day and oversee all work. 
How to Renovate the Complex

Flipping requires getting in and getting out. The faster you can get the renovations done the faster you can lease the units. 
Importance of Maintenance Reserves
Maintenance reserves are used for issues not expected like a kitchen fire, a tenant trashing a unit, or for long-term maintenance items like replacing the roof.
Properly Managing the Property

Think of apartment complexes as a wagon wheel with numerous spokes. The stronger the spokes the stronger the wheel. You don't want to have too many weak or broken spokes.   
Excuses Renters Use to Avoid Paying Rent
Whether your property manager is hired directly or part of a management company here are the top 10 things your property manager will deal with.
Mindset and Motivation

Set your goals. Establish the steps you 
must take to reach your goals and realize 
you will have to sacrifice at times to 
make things happen. 
The Business Side

Always seek the counsel of an attorney 
and accountant. It is money well spent. Yes, 
it will cost you up front but it can and will 
save you in the long run. 
Worksheets, Checklists and Documents
Cap Rate Worksheet, Due Diligence 
Checklist, Renovations To Be Done 
Checklist, Income and Expense 
Worksheet, Personal Financial Statement, Promissory Note, Letter of Intent, Tenant Lease
Flipping the Deal

The reason you are involved in real estate is to make money! However, if your focus is only the money you will have issues. So, let money be your end goal but let the process be your focus. Meaning learn the nuts and bolts, pay attention to the minor and major details and don’t let any unresolved matters linger. 
 Brainstorming session 

This is a one hour session with Nathan designed to answer and/or discuss any topics. Ranging from where you should start or how to deal with a specific issue.  
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Apartments for Profit™
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